Caffe Ibis fouder, Sally, walking through peruvian coffee farm with coffee farmers/producers.

Our Impact

We are a woman-owned, LGBTQ+ powered source of community

We've purchased more than 3 million pounds of Fair Trade certified coffee since 2001.

We've been supporting the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's (SMBC) Bird Friendly certification for over 23 years

Nearly all of our coffees are certified USDA Organic, with over 370 thousand pounds just in 2021

Fair trade certified seal.
Fair Trade

Fair Trade coffee aims to empower farmers and workers to address challenges they face and build strong businesses and thriving communities. Caffe Ibis is committed to socially equitable and fairly traded coffee

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Smithsonian bird friendly seal.
Bird Friendly

The SMBC Bird Friendly Certification is the most ecologically robust coffee certification on the planet. As an early adopter, Caffe Ibis is committed to supporting sustainable farming practices.

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USDA organic official black and whte seal; text: USDA Organic.

USDA Organic is the most heavily regulated and closely monitored food system in the United States. Know that your coffee is produced with high standards and without harmful pesticides and herbicides.


Our Values

Environmental Stewardship

A bedrock value that helps guide all of our decisions. Coffee is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We must be better stewards of our planet.

Equity & Social Justice

Essential for true sustainability, we value high labor standards, fair trade over free trade, and equal opportunities for all.


We are proud to be an institution in our valley for community-building. Artists, thinkers, outcasts, misfits, musicians, queers, hippies, and jack-Mormons alike. All are welcome.

Women Grown

As a woman-owned business, we feel a strong commitment to support women coffee producers. Beginning in 2003 with our support of the Cafe Femenino project, a cooperative of more than 800 women coffee farmers around the world, we continue to showcase the hard work of resilient women around the world.

Relationship Highlight

Bear River Land Conservancy

An incredible local organization that works with private land owners to establish conservation easements in the Bear River watershed.

That's why we've partnered with them to give a portion of every sale of our Organic Logan Canyon blend to the Bear River Land Conservancy each year.

Causes We Support