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At Caffe Ibis, our core mission is to be unbeatable for quality and freshness, while supporting social and environmental stewardship.

Caffe Ibis endeavors to:

Provide customers with mountain grown and mountain roasted specialty Arabica coffee with unbeatable quality and freshness.

Assure fair compensation and due respect for the people whose labor brings us our exceptional specialty coffees.

Respect and safeguard the environment that provides the extraordinary growing conditions that true specialty coffee requires.

Honor and support our partners in this endeavor, and the customers of Caffe Ibis Coffee.


Caffe Ibis is a family owned and operated award winning "Green Business" and artisan custom coffee roasting house founded in 1976 by Randy Wirth and Sally Sears.

Our focus is on Triple Certified, Organic, Fair Trade, and Smithsonian Shade Grown "Bird-Friendly" coffee from around the world.

Old image of Caffe Ibis founder, Sally, sitting at counter of original "Straw Ibis Herb & Grain Company - Medicinal and Culinary Merchants."
Text: The Herald Journal, Logan, Utah, Monday, December 24, 1990. Caffe Ibis owner Randy Wirth roasts coffee in German-made Probat roaster. Caffe Ibis: magic in a cup, and somewhere to drink it; Old newspaper clipping with image of Randy roasting coffee.

Our Story

East Meets West

Randy Wirth grew up near San Francisco while Sally Sears was raised just outside of New York City. They met in Northern Utah where they both had moved for the outstanding mountain environment and the local university, Utah State. After they married, their desire and passion for quality foods and organic alternatives spawned the opening of Straw Ibis Market and Café in 1976. While specialty organic coffee was still in its infancy in 1985, Randy and Sally wanted better control over quality. Caffe Ibis Coffee® was born. Randy and Sally also wanted to develop a strong business ethic that represented a way for them to contribute to their community while making sustainable business decisions. An early mentor from the 1970s—Dr. Allen Stokes, a "birthright Quaker" and internationally recognized wildlife biologist—was a strong human rights activist and environmentalist. Randy and Sally, who were married in Allen and Alice Stokes backyard, were inspired to ask themselves “What would Allen think?” and thus, the "Allen Test" became a guiding principle of Caffe Ibis. Over these many years, Caffe Ibis sometimes passes and sometimes fails the "Allen Test." Along with operating an award-winning custom roastery, Caffe Ibis also operates an award-winning Gallery Café with a full-service espresso bar and fresh local pastries. Caffe Ibis Coffee is available in hundreds of coffee shops and retail outlets throughout the United States.

 Lesa Wilson standing beside Sally Sears in the Caffe Ibis cupping lab with bags of Ibis coffee.

New Ownership, Same Commitment to our Founding Values

After 44 years, Sally sold the company to long-time employee and CFO, Lesa Wilson. Under Lesa's direction, Caffe Ibis has continued our long-running contributions and support for our partnerships that help advance our commitment to Randy and Sally's founding values of social justice, environmental stewardship, and helping to build community in Cache Valley and beyond.


Lesa Wilson, owner and CFO of Caffe Ibis, standing in front of a historic Caffe Ibis sign with the text: "Straw Ibis Herb and Grain Co. - Natural & Good Foods""

Old property image of the building where the Caffe Ibis Gallery Cafe is now located in downtown Logan.
Modern image of Caffe Ibis Gallery Cafe building.