In addition to our commitment to produce the best cup of coffee, Caffe Ibis® also hopes to make the world a better place. For Caffe Ibis® co-founder, Sally Sears, this has meant a dedication to a coffee project started by women in a remote and rural part of Peru.

The Café Femenino Story

Despite numerous advances in many parts of our world, the marginalization and oppression of women still occurs, especially in areas of extreme poverty. In urban areas of Peru, the abuse rate is estimated at forty-one percent. In rural communities, the isolation results in an even higher abuse rate. In coffee producing countries they are often mistreated physically and emotionally—and financially.

Insufficient funds and a full spectrum of social problems have hindered attempts to intervene. But with the organic and Fair Trade premiums paid by OPTCO and Caffe Ibis®, they are now able to promote the organization of the female coffee farmers and their integration into social, political, and occupational organizations.

In 2003, the first encounter of Women Coffee Producers was held. Out of this, a new idea of separating their coffee from the rest of production was proposed as the women, with the combined efforts of OPTCO and our partners in Peru, PROASSA, CICAP, and CECANOR, searched for ideas to improve their living conditions. For the first time, their coffee is now being separated and sold a ‘produced by women only’ specialty organic and Fair Trade coffee.

What began with 76 members now has more than 800 women coffee farmers involved with the Café Femenino Coffee Project across Peru, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Mexico.

As Sally Sears told the Salt Lake Tribune in August 2009, “We wanted to honor and respect the woman-to-woman experience,” Sears said. As Sally explained further, “We call it the triple-bottom-line approach to business because of our support for social justice, environmental stewardship, and our financial commitment working alongside our Caffe Ibis partners, both here and abroad. This is what it makes it a joy to get us out of bed every morning.” Talking to the Salt Lake Tribune, Sally reiterated, “We’re thrilled to come to work and we know that we are making a difference every day” (Salt Lake Tribune, At Caffe Ibis in Logan, Social Change is Brewing by Arrin Newton Brunson, August 7, 2009).

Buy Coffee, Support Hope

The Café Femenino story is about hope. We hope you will share the story and the coffee with others. In doing so, you are helping to improve the quality of life, and the social and economic system, for women coffee farmers in Peru. By purchasing Caffe Ibis® Café Femenino, you enjoy its fine quality and wonderful taste.

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Causes We Support

Caffe Ibis® has a long history of supporting worthy causes, in addition to its work with the Café Femenino Project. Whether we are supporting local arts or women’s organizations or working to run our business with “green” principles to protect the environment and agricultural integrity, Caffe Ibis® is constantly endeavoring to pay attention to the “triple bottom line.” It’s not just business—it’s our people and our planet.

Global Causes

Causes that we support globally reflect the ongoing need for education and advocacy for our environment and those with fewer resources.

Local Causes

As a local small business, Caffe Ibis® is dedicated to supporting the community in which its owners and employees live to build sustainable community. In some cases, a portion of sales of specially blended coffees have *directly benefited these local organizations.