SMBC Bird Friendly Certified

Drink Bird Friendly Coffee

Your Coffee is Stronger than you Think

At Caffe Ibis® our core mission is to be unbeatable for quality and freshness, while supporting social and environmental stewardship. To that end we are proud to serve Certified Bird Friendly® Coffee. When you drink Bird Friendly® certified coffee, you brew a more biodiverse, sustainable world. Using Smithsonian conservation science, the Bird Friendly gold standard does more than other eco-friendly seals to protect habitat, which is often destroyed to make way for coffee growing. Bird Friendly coffees come from farms using a combination of foliage cover, tree height and biodiversity to provide quality habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Birds by Country

In this map, the darkest red countries support the most migratory birds in coffee plantations.

Click on a country below to see what species you are helping by supporting Bird Friendly coffees.


American redstart
Baltimore oriole
Black-and-white warbler
Black-headed grosbeak
Black-throated blue warbler
Black-throated gray warbler
Black-throated green warbler
Blue grosbeak
Blue-headed vireo
Blue-winged warbler
Broad-winged hawk
Bullock’s oriole
Cape May warbler
Cassin’s vireo
Cedar waxwing
Chestnut-sided warbler
Common yellowthroat
Cooper’s hawk
Cordilleran flycatcher
Dusky flycatcher
Golden-winged warbler
Gray catbird
Great crested flycatcher
Hammond’s flycatcher
Hermit warbler
Hooded warbler
Indigo bunting
Kentucky warbler
Lazuli bunting
Least flycatcher
Louisiana waterthrush
MacGillivray’s warbler
Magnolia warbler
Nashville warbler
Northern parula
Northern waterthrush
Olive-sided flycatcher
Orange-crowned warbler
Orchard oriole
Pacific-slope flycatcher
Painted bunting
Philadelphia vireo
Prothonotary warbler
Rose-breasted grosbeak
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Sharp-shinned hawk
Swainson’s warbler
Tennessee warbler
Townsend’s warbler
Warbling vireo
Western tanager
White-eyed vireo
Willow flycatcher
Wilson’s warbler
Wood thrush
Worm-eating warbler
Yellow warbler
Yellow-bellied flycatcher
Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Yellow-breasted chat
Yellow-throated vireo


Alder flycatcher
American redstart
Black-and-white warbler
Blackburnian warbler
Blackpoll warbler
Broad-winged hawk
Canada warbler
Cerulean warbler
Eastern kingbird
Eastern wood-pewee
Gray-cheeked thrush
Northern waterthrush
Olive-sided flycatcher
Red-eyed vireo
Rose-breasted grosbeak
Scarlet tanager
Swainson’s thrush
Western wood-pewee
Yellow warbler
Yellow-billed cuckoo

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