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Make the Perfect Cup

perfectHow much coffee should I use per cup?

We recommend using 1-2 level measuring tablespoons of coffee per six (6) ounces of hot water (195-205 Fahrenheit). Using this coffee to water ratio brews a full strength cup, to which you can add hot water if the taste is too strong. Remember, you can always make coffee weaker by adding hot water to your cup, but you can't make it any stronger once its brewed.

What's the best way to brew coffee?

There are lots of ways to brew coffee, some of which taste better than others. Cone drip is fine, but a paper filter can impart some flavor to your coffee. We like to drink French press pot coffee because its direct infusion seems to produce fuller flavor. In addition, French press pot coffee allows the dissolved coffee solids to remain in the brew, which also contributes to flavor.