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Our Process

The Caffe Ibis® Local Roast Difference

The Local Roast DifferenceCaffe Ibis® has a focus on specialty grade mountain grown and mountain roasted certified organic, fair trade and shade grown coffee. These specialty coffees present the finest possible cup quality and the best possible scenario for a socially and environmentally sustainable coffee future.

Our goal is to be unbeatable on quality and freshness with anyone anywhere.

  • Mountain Grown
    We use only the top grades of mountain grown Arabica bean coffee from each country of origin (over 26 countries represented in Caffe Ibis® offerings).
  • Mountain Roasted
    The reduced air pressure and cool climate of our high mountain valley create optimal conditions for custom slow roasting and full flavor development without burning the coffee.
  • Strictly Air Cooled
    We air-cool our coffee after roasting. Most roasters “water quench” their coffee to add weight back, cut cool down time and labor, and to provide a fudge factor for sloppy roasting. This water can affect cup quality and dramatically cut shelf life from 27 days to 6.
  • Custom Roast
    We literally custom roast to order and package your coffee while still warm off the roaster in nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed triple barrier packaging. To be able to do this we have four German Probat artisan drum roasters that range in size from 5 kilo to 90 kilo.
  • Decaffeination Process
    We use water process decaffeination because it removes caffeine without chemicals and is widely recognized as the best tasting. Most coffee is decaffeinated either by direct or indirect contact by ethyl chloride or ethyl acetate (cleaning solvents).
  • Statistical Process Control Number
    Every roast is assigned a unique SPCN (Quality Assurance Number) to provide a complete history of that coffee from farm to customer.
  • Flavorings
    Flavorings used are natural whenever possible. We even have a line of Triple Certified Flavored coffee (Organic, Fair Trade, and Smithsonian Shade Grown).
  • Passion and Obsession
    While we have been viewed as passionately obsessive at times, we feel that it is a combination of all the little things we do that add up to a difference (The Caffe Ibis® Local Roast Difference) that anyone can taste.

View our Behind the Scenes video to see everyone in action.