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Organic Aztec Dark

A classic example of the dark roast difference. Smooth, slightly sweet and spicy. Purchase supports an important farming cooperative in Chiapas


Organic French Roast

Our most popular dark roast. It does well when brewed conventionally or run through an espresso machine.


Organic Guatemala Forest

This shade & organically grown coffee comes to us from the mountains overlooking beautiful lake Atitlan. It is lively in the cup with medium body,slightly sweet and aromatic.


Organic Mayan Sunrise

From the land of the Mayan a mystical blend of light and dark roasted shade grown organic coffees. Rich, medium body, bright, subtle aromatics and sweetness, and smooth.


Organic Mexican Chiapas

This well prepared coffee is a best seller with its subtle spicy aroma, medium body, light acidity, and clean smooth finish. It has a hint of chocolate and nuts.



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